Latest jewelry trends

Do you follow the jewelry trends? Do you know the color of the year?
If no, I give some tips and hints that helps to discover some interesting facts about it.

1. According to VOGUE's specialist this year you should wear unique jewelries:

XXL earrings and necklaces,       fruit basket (whatever it means),     nature inspired,        natural pearl,       restyled baroque,      plastic (huh),       animal instinct.

2. If you have some time do not forget to check on PINTEREST, too.

3. ELLE says: down-to-there tossels.       Futuristics sunnies.          Hangover party hats.         

These are the accessoires that Vogue thinks are ROCKING this year.

4. JCKONLINE has suggestions for   TRIBAL,   the chain drop,    Cameos,      inlay and enamel,   vintage look.

5. BETCHES let us know about     statement earrings,      layered necklaces,         assimetrycal hoops,    anklets.