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A gift to a dear friend

As I mentioned before I love Miguel Ases' works. I like how he combines colors, I envy his semiprecious stones and I do love the forms he creates, which seems to be more and more difficult. Brick stitch is not my favourite technique so far, and though it seems to be easy, it is not! To make it tight, but not too much - otherwise the element bends a little. To find the colors to highlight the forms. I have this simple one, and beleive me I worked on it two days :-)
Mint már korábban is említettem, imádom Miguel Ases munkáit. Szeretem, ahogyan a színeket kombinálja, a formákat, amiket kihoz a gyöngyökből, s amelyek egyre bonyolultabbnak tűnnek. A brick stitch nem a kedven technikám, és bár egyszerűnek tűnik, valójában nem az (bár lehet, hogy csak én vagyok nagyon kezdő benne). Nehéz eltalálni, hogy feszes legyen, de nem túlzottan, különben meghajlik az elem, amin dolgozom. A színeket is nehéz eltalálni, hogy a formához szépen igazodjon és kiemelje azt. Ez egy egyszerű kis lánc, és …
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The Danube river and me

For the last few weeks we had some ouside activities with friends and family, and when I am away for a few days my head starts working on new projects. I attache a nice photo of our beautiful river Danube and our boat (my son and me). This part of the river is wild and wonderful, full of birds, special animals and flowers. I had some relaxed days with people I really love :-)

Stormflake pattern with StormDuo beads, Kite and 2 holes cabochon beads

I still like StormDuo beads, therefore new colors are on their way :-)
This idea of Stormflake came from paper quilling snowflakes I found on pinterest. I like paper quilling very much (I also have a very talented designer on MadeByMe!), some of the designers are really amaizing. StormDuo remained my top favorite bead filling a certain kind of blank on the bead market for sure. I have just finished other new designs, since I have been beading for 5 days by now:-) 

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Kamilah set with StormDuo beads and Amos par Puca beads

As I wrote before I like StormDuo beads very much. I have many many ideas with it. This is a quick flower pattern, and I think you might create other design with it. I do not like big necklaces (honestly I do not wear necklaces, because I have reflux since my daughter was born, so anything around my neck bothers me), but I can imagine how lovely three flowers might form a summer necklace.
Hope you like it.


Look what I have found :-)

This is really useful to see what matches to your face :-)

FEMI bracelet beading pattern with StormDuo and IrisDuo beads

I think I might say my favourite beads are StormDuo and IrisDuo beads recently. I like to work with them, because it is easy to integrate them into a design and they have beautiful colors.
As for the StormDuo bead I really like the weavy form of it. It is so feminine and tender if we can use such words in case of a bead :-)
You should try for sure!

Azt hiszem a mostani kedvenceim a StormDuo és az IrisDuo gyöngyök. Szeretek velük dolgozni, könnyű velük építkezni és meseszép színekben kaphatóak.
Ami a StormDuo gyöngyöt illeti szeretem a hullámos formáját, szerintem nagyon nőies és finom darab, ha lehet így gyöngyökről beszélni :-)
Mindenképp próbáljátok ki!