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History of Beads

I remember, when I first saw Czech beads as a kid. Like Audrey Tautou in one of my favorite films: „Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”, when she put her hands into stones, I liked, exactly the same way, to put my hands into the bags full of beads. My favorite color combo was the white-blue striped bead. I had no idea how to bead, but I collected them for their colors. I sew a few of them on clothes I designed for my dolls. Since I have been beading I am even more mesmerized by the beads, the different colors, the shapes, the cut as the sun reflects on them, and of course by the many finished jewelry designs made by  beaders. I love beads, and I found the history very intriguing I decided to tribute a full article to them. If you think it might be interesting for you, read more on website. For the full article click here: FULL ARTICLE
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Snowflake necklace beading pattern hosted by Potomac Beads Co

I am so honored and flattered that Potomac Beads Co created a video tutorial of my free pattern Snowflake Necklace.
I like their color combo and the hook solution for the lace :-)

New vendors on

I am happy that some new beaders joined me recently in, my private webshop.

Happyland from Italy: with her interesting technique Claudia creates beautiful patterns combining macrame thread with crystals. The results are stunning.
She sells instant downloadable pdf files  of beading patterns .

Vicus from Hungary is selling embroidered pieces. I really like her collar made with Swarovski crystals and semiprecious stones. The colors she used are great, the collar itself looks exquisite.
Shinkabeads from Bosnia & Herzegovina.I like her romantique leaf beading patterns with peyote techique. She also sells finished jewelries.
Beadamor is from Poland. Her peyote patterns are reflecting famous paitings. I really would like to wear Mona Lisa on my hands :-)

Last, but not least is an another Italian bead designer Semplici Creazioni. She likes using bigger beads for her beautiful creations. She sells beading patterns


What type of thread to use?
I think it is always a question for beginners, but many times even for those who bead for many years. Great products appear on market constantly, and we, beaders also like changing techniques and trying out new things. Many times working with different sizes of beads needs different threads. Just to make it summarize herewith I collected some important information:
NYLON: When knotting or using heavy beads (not seed beads) I always use nylon. Nylon is a synthetic fiber, it does not stretch or fray. My favourite brand is Fireline, but sometimes I find great options in fishing shops (usually not cheaper). Nylon gives a nice hold for a design. There are different sizes and colors. I usually use smoke grey color for darker beads and use crystals for lighter designs. I usually use 0,20 for really heavy beads with bigger holes, and I use quite often 0,10 or 0,12 for every day usage even for seed beads. I am really fond of fireline, maybe the most used thread type. I…


I wish you a Merry Christmas to you and your family, and I wish you all the best for the next year!

Snowflake necklace free pattern with EVA beads

Hi Everyone,
this my CHRISTMAS GIFT to you: Snowflake necklace made with Eva beads, RounDuo mini 4mm,  faceted rondelles and 15/0 seed beads.
I am happy to send the pdf file, just let me know if you would like to have it:

SAMOS new bead from par Puca

Par Puca introduced a new bead called SAMOS par Puca. It looks great, I like the shape and they produced beautiful colors. Anna Puca made some nice designs already.
I have already ordered some colors. I wonder what am I going to do with them when I get them in my hand. Usually got inspiration when I have the beads physically in my hands, but this time I already have an idea. Hope someone will not be quick enough to do it. Recently it happaned that when I was not quick enough a beader has already made the design (similar) I had in my mind.
So take a look at Puca Facebook Fun page and enjoy the creations.