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Bejegyzések megjelenítése ebből a hónapból: július, 2018

ZALIKA set with 2 holes cabochon beads

I noticed that many of the beaders used 2 holes cabochon beads. Whenever you purchase them, be sure you buy the right size, since 6 mm and 7 mm versions extist!
This is a new pattern made with 2 holes cabochon and cylinder beads. It reminds me of Biloba style. Behind the name of Biloba was Marie Geraud, a great French beader who suddenly disappeared from the bead and handcraft jewelry market a few years ago. I have no idea why, but it is for sure she was among the beaders who had the biggest influence on me. I am still crying for her...



Our family spent a week in London. I loved every minute of it, though, my legs hurt every evening when we got home.
On our last day we visited the British Museum. Of course we had read it was among the best and most famous museums in the world, but honestly, it was beyond our imagination! There is such a treasury of sculptures, ruins, ancient jewellery, etc.! Unbelievable, really! Even my tenage kids enjoyed it, and finally we spent almot 5 hours inside, but then we had to run to the airport to catch our plane.
Of course I spent more time at the exhibition tables and vitrins introducing of jewellery of old times. Probably you noticed from my taste that I am fond of antique and old style jewelries, so it was a paradise for me.
Once you get there, do not miss it!