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Bejegyzések megjelenítése ebből a hónapból: május, 2018

Kamilah set with StormDuo beads and Amos par Puca beads

As I wrote before I like StormDuo beads very much. I have many many ideas with it. This is a quick flower pattern, and I think you might create other design with it. I do not like big necklaces (honestly I do not wear necklaces, because I have reflux since my daughter was born, so anything around my neck bothers me), but I can imagine how lovely three flowers might form a summer necklace.
Hope you like it.


Look what I have found :-)

This is really useful to see what matches to your face :-)

FEMI bracelet beading pattern with StormDuo and IrisDuo beads

I think I might say my favourite beads are StormDuo and IrisDuo beads recently. I like to work with them, because it is easy to integrate them into a design and they have beautiful colors.
As for the StormDuo bead I really like the weavy form of it. It is so feminine and tender if we can use such words in case of a bead :-)
You should try for sure!

Azt hiszem a mostani kedvenceim a StormDuo és az IrisDuo gyöngyök. Szeretek velük dolgozni, könnyű velük építkezni és meseszép színekben kaphatóak.
Ami a StormDuo gyöngyöt illeti szeretem a hullámos formáját, szerintem nagyon nőies és finom darab, ha lehet így gyöngyökről beszélni :-)
Mindenképp próbáljátok ki!


POTOMAC Beads Company in Europe

Did you know that in Europe POTOMAC Beads Company opened an online shop in Czech Republic? I ordered StormDuo beads from them. They are quick, fair shipping prices and I always get some gift beads. I really advice!


Eda bracelet with StormDuo beads

I love STORMDUO bead, it is an elegant and easy to combine bead! I have many ideas with it. I have already made two patterns, and sketched on paper some new ideas.

This pattern is extremely quick and easy to do. Since it is slim it is not so hot on me in the summer heat. Try it out!