Increase traffic on your etsy website with pinterest

 I have some nice traffic coming from pinterest lately, and I thought I might share it with you.

I have been using pinterest for more than a decade. I love watching pics of antique jewels, modern jewels, home decoration and recipes almost every day. I am from an older generation (will be 50 this year), and though I learn a lot, my teenage kids help me, but I still have some kind of aversion of making videos, or putting too much on the net. However, it just hit me during quaratine that I can make short videos, just a few secs, to show how the finished jewelry look like, so my customers can have a better judgement on making a decision to buy it. Also a good news, Etsy also started to support adding videos, a new feature I started to use, too.

So I took a deep breath to make them and uploaded them on pinterest. Did not hurt, so far - haha. Not a very complicated, really just max. 15-second short films. I usually show the front and the back side of the finished piece. And then TADAM: my low traffic burst out. I had generally 3-4 thousand visits per month, now I have 90 thousand visits, and this increased my traffic on Etsy, too. You can add #s, direct links like in case of simple photos. Now even you can add more photos at the same time to one post, also a new feature in Pinterest.

So all I say, use pinterest to increase your traffic and income on your site. I made videos with my phone, did not make a big fuss about it. Now that my daughter is back from NZ I will ask her to be my modell and will show earrings and some pendants on her.

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