Do not expect me to make a perfect list of fashion bloggers, and for sure, this list is far from perfection. I just give you some ideas what is going on in the blogger world. Here are my favourite ones, the ones that have style and something to tell about.


Caroline Daur is German-based fashion and lifestyle blogger. She has more than 1 million followers on instagram. She is funny, sexy, elegant, she looks great with a T-shirt and jeans combo, as well. There are many luxury brands behind her such as Gucci, D&G, Dior or Elie Saab. She has a great taste and is a free-minded person.


Work, work work… No, it is not Rihanna, it is a blog that mirrors the personality of its owner. Catherine is not simply a fashion blogger, she writes about life and style, too. She addresses everyday women having problems that could be faced by anyone and anytime in her life or carreer. She offers different topics, so I am sure you will find good articles worth to read! She even gives a time frame to each article, so you can easily decide if you go for more…


A beautiful woman from Nigeria who definitely has made a long journey.  She quit nursing school to follow her dreams. She is an influencer with almos 200,000 followers on instangram. Her photos are perfect and reflects her creativity. She really makes a special atmosphere on her pictures that you have an instant feeling to pack your things and get ont he first plane.

Song of style, alias AIMEE SONG

A girl from the west coast with almost 5 million followers on instagram!  She creates great youtube videos. She has articles not only about fashion, but she writes about beauty, interior design, travelling or recipes, too. Her style might look simple, but believe me, she combines extravagant pieces professionally. She even created her jewelry brand line.

JENNIFER GRACE with Native Fox

She is an eye-catching woman with provocative photos that have style. She is elegant and chic with almost 1 million followers. I adore and envy her long legs, she looks fantastic with tight pants. You may not realize how quickly time goes by while wacthing her photos.