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WARNING again - scam site (2nd chapter)

This is a text from Erika Sandor:

After the fake shops selling beading tutorials copied from Etsy we have a new kind of scam here:
I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the Facebook page and web page Beadopedia(.)com. Looks like a nice website full of beautiful jewellery, right?
Well, not everything is gold what is shining... (And there might be a huge pile of 💩 underneath, like in this case.)
1. The site presents itself as a helpful tool to beaders, where you can find links to tutorials. In fact there are no links, and the problem of not finding the author of the design is created by the owners of the site, since:
2. The images are used without the knowledge and permission of the authors. Usually no credit is given.
3. They are posting in every beading group, beaders are sharing the images, hence a huge amount of traffic is directed towards the website.
4. The website is, surprise-surprise, full of advertisement, which can generate a lot of money, if enough people see them. The owners of the website reside in Nigeria, you can check it out here:
Registrant Country: NG
5. They even developed an app which does absolutely nothing.
6. Every share, every like, every admin tolerating them in their beading groups leads to more traffic to the website, more intellectual property abused and more $$ in the pocket of these guys.
7. Please copy or share this to help us stop the scammers.
(Erika Sándor - The Storytelling Jeweller)


Népszerű bejegyzések ezen a blogon

Dragon bracelet - Crescent bead

Az új Crescet gyöngy nagyon tetszik. Már láttam vele pár nagyon szép mintát, különösen Veres Zsuzsi mintái tetszeten. Nos a gyöngy engem is megihletett:-) Augusztus már tanfolyam is lesz belőle. Mintát igyekszem készíteni.
I like new Crescent beads a lot. I saw a few very nice patterns with it, I like Veres Zsuzsi's most. This bead inspired me, as well. This bracelet will be a topic for one of the august courses in KS, Bratislava. Hope I will be able to make the pattern in English soon.

Spike Time - ingyenes minta / free pattern

Sziasztok! Megrajzoltam a Spike Time mintáját. Jó szórakozást hozzá!!!  Hi everyone! I drew Spike Time. Have a fun time with it! - free pattern...
ps.: Ha kicsi felbontású a kép, hagyd meg a mail címed vagy írj a, és küldöm a pdf-t! If you find the pictures too small to see, give me a mail address or send me a mail to, and will send you pdf files!

Martha - free pattern - ingyenes minta

Sziasztok! Ismét egy ingyenes minta, amelyet gyorsan lerajzoltam, szöveg nincs hozzá. Ha valami kérdésed lenne ezzel kapcsolatban, nem egyértelmű a rajz, kérlek írj a megjegyzésbe, vagy a is írhatsz. Jó szórakozást!
Hi everyone! Again free pattern from me. Since I did not make any written text to it, just simply drawed it quickly, may you have any question, pls leave a message in the comment box or send me your question to Hope you enjoy it!