Swarovski innovations and newbies

Swarovski Crystals twice every year releases NEW cuts, shapes and colours. Every year we are forced to purchase those beautiful new stones of extravagant colors.



The Princess Cut

Designs with 3D elements such as the new shapes and effects of Swarovski’s Spike Flat Backs and Sew-on Stones will give your customers all the feels. Tactility, haptic structures and exciting textures are on the rise.  The new setups nurture the trend that Swarovski experts aptly call “The Excitement of Creativity.” Cue the 3D shimmer of these product innovations.

The Spike Family

The Princess Cut emanates a brilliance that is perfect for creating an exquisite fine-jewelry look. Swarovski’s new Princess Cut Pendants come in twelve colors and five effects. Nature-inspired hues such as Light Amethyst, Topaz or Crystal Golden Shadow will cater to the trend of searching for inner peace. While multicolor pendants in Crystal Volcano or Black Diamond Shimmer will add some on-trend tactility and individuality to your styles.

The Kaleidoscope Family

With their intricate cut and on-trend color range, Swarovski’s new Kaleidoscope Fancy Stones look set to become future bestsellers. Large facets on the front are complemented by Rivoli facets on the reverse in three shapes and sizes, eight colors and nine effects.

The Crystal Electric Family

Their popping colors catch the eye. However, we can’t see that makes them truly special: tiny pigments glow under UV light and help designers to create highly versatile styles for day and night. Follow the trend and experience the Joy of Expression with six new colors that now complement Swarovski’s Crystal Electric LacquerPRO assortment.


Creativity is experiencing new heights. Therefore, people feel free to do it their way. Most importantly, they are not afraid to deviate from the norm. Multicultural styles will express an eccentricity. While the complexity of everyday life will be highlighted with patterns and colors as vibrant as can be. So, be different. Be you.
Strong statements of personal style dominate the Instagram generation who love to show their individuality to the world. Furthur, designs become a tool of self-expression. A style outlet that helps people live joyfully and present various facets of their personality. Surely, 2020 is not the time to hide away!

Escape, retreat, rest, repeat! 2020 people will focus on their inner calm to find serenity, above all. In other words, Try to get away from everyone and everything. Designs will reflect this by embodying a sense of stillness to let you do nothing for a change – just be.
It’s a brave new world of extremes in which boundaries are pushed and dress codes challenged. So, shake off old restraints and work with the element of surprise. Designers will elevate the street to the catwalk and tone couture down to everyday life. Certainly, It’s time to let people’s artistic side flow freely and express themselves.

Source: Swarovski-professional.com