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I have the impression that we all think man are rarely capable of fine work. That is not true, of course. I hardly know female watchmaker for example, and I have the impression that many of goldsmiths are also men. So no wonder that in handmade world there are a lot of men which I adore for their precision work and great taste. So let's see them :-)


Miguel Ases, Inc. was founded by designer Miguel Ases in 1994. After a injury ended his dancing career with the National Ballet of Spain, he pursued his passion in fashion and design.

In 1989, Ases came to New York and started as designer at Malave Fashion Design. His talents cast him in the spotlight and brought him numerous praises and attention. It was then noted designer, Gaetano Fazio, saw the potential in the talented artist and asked him to work alongside him. Miguel was Fazio's head designer until he had the opportunity to start his own label.

The Miguel Ases Collection is proudly handcrafted in America. His artistry transforms 14K gold-fill, sterling silver, semi-precious stones, fresh water pearls & cultured pearls into brilliant pieces of jewelry.

Information and photos come from Miguel Ases's original site:


Though he is working in many artistic ways and methods (he has sculptures and graphite drawings), it was his jewelry collection that struck my eyes first. He is a miniature artist, at least this is how he calls his creations.  'Miniature worlds' because that is what he exactly aims to express. "I try to make each work as detailed and complete as a tiny world would need to be in order to be called a world."

He uses his own ideas to turn them into themes. His works might be broadly categorized as steampunk, fantasy and whimsical in style. He works on fine details pricisely by "trying to bring to a harmonious combination many tiny bits and materials that come from a variety of unlikely sources."

Gregory lives in Greece. He has his own site and also sells jewels on Etsy.

Information and photos comefrom Gregory's original site:


Like Gregory, Bartosz from Poland also was focused on art from his childhood. He was fascinated by many techniques. He studied landscape architect. Though he liked his job very much, as he recalls, the back office job was not his favourite. So he soon realized it take too much time from his favourite job: working with hands by using his creative side.

A friend of his led him into jewelry world. He started to work with beads, later wire. As soon as developed his skills he started to use silver wire, a higher quality material. His gemstones are beautiful and of superior grade. He surely has his fingerprints on his work. I always recognize them when I saw his finished pieces.

Information and photos comefrom Bartosz' original site: