My new toy: SIJOUX

I am sorry fo being silent for months, but I was really busy with building up something new. The idea of making silver jewels are on my mind for years. I had a book full of drawings of my ideas. However, passing a gold/silversmith exam, with attending course for 2-3 years in Budapest (nearest) was not an option. So I started to look for other solutions. I read blogs and searched for opportunities. I found many good advices and companies in EU and In Asia that supported my dream of creating silver pieces.
Finally the whole project started to look like as if it was not an impossible idea. I have made calculations upon offers and decided to go for it.
Sijoux was released last week-end. Far from perfections and I am satisfied with the outlook and how it works. I wanted to create a minimalist and everyday life silver line with a nice and easy to use website and webshop.

I have three collections.
1. Silver Wave: leather and silver combination. I like how it looks on wrist. The colors of leather are visible through the central silver elements. At the moment I have four motifs, but others are in plan.
2. Beaddicted collection: I try to keep my love for beads and combine it with silver. I have plans to work with other designers. So interesting pieces are on the way...
3. Bichic: this is a simple and minimalist line. I use elements that are fashionable.

I hope you will like it. Any suggestion or oponion is welcome, I am happy to get any feedback that makes the site even better and easier to handle.