Elisabeth earrings with StormDuo and 2 holes cabochon beads

I am so sorry for being away for such a long time. I have reasons, but no excuses for that. I am redoing my site, since there were technical problems, and finally we changed the core of it. It is a hell of a job, as we have just made a brand new site. Soon we will finish it.

As concerning Elisabeth I have done it more than 3 months ago, and named it after Queen Elisabeth II. after our London tour. I really got inspired over there. Finally I managed to finish the pattern. I am still in love with StormDuo beads, they are such a nice beads of great colors and form. Other patterns are on the way with them.

And I prosime I will post more frequently from now on.
Hope you really had a great summer like I did.
Take care for the time being: