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Hello everyone,
We (almost 120 beaders are involved) have noticed that criminals created almost a dozen of websites where they sell bead designers' kits and patterns, and many many other products, too. Please be aware where you buy patterns, kits and supply! These sites are selling nothing, and probably they are hunting personal data and credit card information.
Please inform your friends or people you know to be aware of this.
This is a short list, the list is not full and we still regocnize new sites! So be careful.
Me personally sell my patterns only in my Etsy shop and my private webshop in
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XMAS Eva - new pattern with Potomac Beads

One day I received a package with full of beads from Potomac Beads, Tereza Soukupova from Czech Republic. I got Eva and Rounduo mini beads. I love them. I like the holes of Eva, there are more possibilities to use them. The colors are beautiful and of high quality.
I quickly made a simple design for Christmas and I wanted to share with you.


I need your help

I like inkscape, I use it to make illustrations for my patterns, (There is a free version available if you would like to try). Recently I have watched a few tutorials, and tried to implement my new knowledge. I have made TWO NEW LOGOS, however I cannot decide which one to choose. I asked my family members, and even they said they could not decide on this.
Please let me know your thoughts about this.



HALLOWEEN beading projects

I thought I might check about Halloween projects and I found some really surprisingly nice desgisn I thought I must share with you.

I fell in love with Joan Miller's cute and brilliant glass figures. I love everything about them: the colors, the outlook and the small details.

Joan Miller

I follow this designer site from Ukraine via Instagram. They have a wild range of finished beaded products and all of them are beautiful works. This cute bat really adorable :-)

Look at this great beaded witch! There is a step by step instruction available for this project for a good price. If you want to try it, just shooop click on the link :-)
3D witch

Unfortunately this spider is not available on Etsy anymore, but that is a great jewelry. I like it.

Finally, but not least. Honestly I am not fond of flat peyote or brick stitch figures, but this mix of patterns looks really great for a fair price.
Halloween mix

KOS and PAROS par Puca beads

Have you seen the new beads from the French PUCA brand that came out a few months ago? I think many people from the beading society do not like using big beads. Honestly, I like them, but too much big beads together does not make a nice jewelry for me. I always try to combine them with smaller beads around to give a nice effect, not govong a confusing outlook.

I made two new and easy designs. One of them is made with Paros par Puca beads and the other is a fun to do project with IOS beads. Both of them are quick beading patterns. Try these new beads. I saw some really nice patterns and Puca itself is offering many free patterns, too on her facebook site.



Elisabeth earrings with StormDuo and 2 holes cabochon beads

I am so sorry for being away for such a long time. I have reasons, but no excuses for that. I am redoing my site, since there were technical problems, and finally we changed the core of it. It is a hell of a job, as we have just made a brand new site. Soon we will finish it.

As concerning Elisabeth I have done it more than 3 months ago, and named it after Queen Elisabeth II. after our London tour. I really got inspired over there. Finally I managed to finish the pattern. I am still in love with StormDuo beads, they are such a nice beads of great colors and form. Other patterns are on the way with them.

And I prosime I will post more frequently from now on.
Hope you really had a great summer like I did.
Take care for the time being:


ZALIKA set with 2 holes cabochon beads

I noticed that many of the beaders used 2 holes cabochon beads. Whenever you purchase them, be sure you buy the right size, since 6 mm and 7 mm versions extist!
This is a new pattern made with 2 holes cabochon and cylinder beads. It reminds me of Biloba style. Behind the name of Biloba was Marie Geraud, a great French beader who suddenly disappeared from the bead and handcraft jewelry market a few years ago. I have no idea why, but it is for sure she was among the beaders who had the biggest influence on me. I am still crying for her...