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What type of thread to use?
I think it is always a question for beginners, but many times even for those who bead for many years. Great products appear on market constantly, and we, beaders also like changing techniques and trying out new things. Many times working with different sizes of beads needs different threads. Just to make it summarize herewith I collected some important information:
NYLON: When knotting or using heavy beads (not seed beads) I always use nylon. Nylon is a synthetic fiber, it does not stretch or fray. My favourite brand is Fireline, but sometimes I find great options in fishing shops (usually not cheaper). Nylon gives a nice hold for a design. There are different sizes and colors. I usually use smoke grey color for darker beads and use crystals for lighter designs. I usually use 0,20 for really heavy beads with bigger holes, and I use quite often 0,10 or 0,12 for every day usage even for seed beads. I am really fond of fireline, maybe the most used thread type. I…
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I wish you a Merry Christmas to you and your family, and I wish you all the best for the next year!

Snowflake necklace free pattern with EVA beads

Hi Everyone,
this my CHRISTMAS GIFT to you: Snowflake necklace made with Eva beads, RounDuo mini 4mm,  faceted rondelles and 15/0 seed beads.
I am happy to send the pdf file, just let me know if you would like to have it:

SAMOS new bead from par Puca

Par Puca introduced a new bead called SAMOS par Puca. It looks great, I like the shape and they produced beautiful colors. Anna Puca made some nice designs already.
I have already ordered some colors. I wonder what am I going to do with them when I get them in my hand. Usually got inspiration when I have the beads physically in my hands, but this time I already have an idea. Hope someone will not be quick enough to do it. Recently it happaned that when I was not quick enough a beader has already made the design (similar) I had in my mind.
So take a look at Puca Facebook Fun page and enjoy the creations.


Zoe beading pattern with Eva and IrisDuo beads

I got sick and was forced to stay inside for a few days :-( I did not want to do anything, I did the necessary things only I could not avoid as a mother and wife.
After a few days I really missed the beads and doing something other than coughing and lying in bed. Normally I like waisting my time with hanging on Pinterest and watching other people's work and getting inspiration for Christmas deco. But even that did not bother me at all.
Suddenly I had an idea and had to sit at my bead table. It was a quick thing to create Zoe, worked the idea immediately. I named it after my niece who had her 13th birthday on 8th of December when I started to make illustration.
This element looks great and honestly I am very happy with it :-) It is variable, you can make a double bracelet of it or to join 4 elements into a big pendant. So many options.
Hope you will like it, too :-)


WARNING again - scam site (2nd chapter)

This is a text from Erika Sandor:
After the fake shops selling beading tutorials copied from Etsy we have a new kind of scam here: I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the Facebook page and web page Beadopedia(.)com. Looks like a nice website full of beautiful jewellery, right?
Well, not everything is gold what is shining... (And there might be a huge pile of 💩 underneath, like in this case.) 1. The site presents itself as a helpful tool to beaders, where you can find links to tutorials. In fact there are no links, and the problem of not finding the author of the design is created by the owners of the site, since: 2. The images are used without the knowledge and permission of the authors. Usually no credit is given. 3. They are posting in every beading group, beaders are sharing the images, hence a huge amount of traffic is directed towards the website. 4. The website is, surprise-surprise, full of advertisement, which can generate a lot of money, if enough people see them. Th…

AMY beaded bead

It is been a while since I posted my last pattern. I have finished three new patterns, mainly using Potomac beads. One of them will be a FREE pattern, and hopefully a video is going to be made for tutorial. That is going to be GIFT from me! As soon it is finished, I am going to share it with you :-)

Amy is available now, click here to see: Amy

I used 2-hole cabochon beads, RounDuo mini, bicones and seed beads. This beaded bead can be used  in many desings. I had the mood for making a bracelet. My customers in Bratislava asked for it.

Hope all of you are having fun in December with collecting all presents, going on ice skating, having hot chocolates and just simply enjoy the atmosphere and friends' company.