Swarovski is shutting down its hobby distribution?

It seems the news is true, even if it is sad to say so. You may hear rumours about Swarovski closing down its hobby production. It is written in many forums, and one of my best friend who has a bead shop told me Swarovski is going to cancel its distribution contract from year 2021. Here is an article saying they release 6,000 employees and will focus on luxus jewelry: Swarovski is changing business approach

I was thinking about how to solve the lack of quality glass cabochons and beads. What I will miss the most is the rivoli cabochons, pearls and bicones. I found quality Chinese cabochons, so I am sure some factories will concentrate on producing them, even the though the color range will be poor for sure. But I cannot imagine making nice beaded design without bicones. Even the glass pearls available are far from the quality Swarovski was able to create. The weight and colors (the coating is so durable) are so unique that I can hardly think of a quick solution. Maybe on the long term.

I will share link to sellers when I found good substitutions in the future.

In the meanwhile, if you need some stock for the coming months, try to buy as much as you can afford.