SAVANNAH bracelet - beading pattern


I have made some new designs recently, but this is what I love the most.

Do you remember Biloba? A designer name for a French beader called Marie Geraud? I dearly love her designs, I bought all of her patterns and books she published in the past. I started to bead with her designs, because it was easy to make, loved her color combos and the byzantine style. I made tons of jewelry from her patterns, and until now, she is one of the beading artists who made the biggest inlfuence on me.
Once she made a bracelet for a wedding, but she never made a pattern of it. I made one for myself, it was one of my favourite bracelets ever. It broke off a few years ago and I put the stones away. In the last few months I had the idea to redo it. I made some attempts with different sizes and types of beads. This bracelet has turned out to be the best version. 
Unfortunetaley I have only one color of the 6 mm chaton montees, so I am not able to make too many color combos. So I quickly ordered from a company via Etsy. I am sure I will make one for myself and a few other bracelets as a gift.
Hope you will like it, too...