Here I am again

Hello everyone,
It is been a long time since I released my last post. There is no excuse, I know, just a few, but serious periods passed by. I have so much to say...
First, our son got really sick, he almost died. If we were not quick enough to react to his problems, he is not with us anymore :-( We had a rough end of year, but he got fine by the end of January. Now he is totaly healthy.
Then, in January, our 15 year old daughter left to New-Zealand to learn English, all alone. At the beginning she needed a full and daily support to help her to get to used to the country, the 12 hours time difference, the culture, the school, people :-) She is a tough girl, and she did a great job. We are very proud of her. Though, she had adventurous 5 months there, she is happy and healthy. She will be back mid-July.
Covid found our country, too. I know about the great loss of people. I am lucky to say no family members or friends were affected, BUT in the meanwhile one of my best friends died of cancer. This depressed me very much, I liked to have her around in the last 30 years. She was a great and strong person fighting cancer for 12 years, this is one of the biggest loss of my life.

Good things came out of bad things, too, they say. I really really beaded a lot, and created new designs. Actually I think, it was a kind of escape to my beading, but it helped to stay sane and be strong for those who needed me.
Also a great suprise, Bead&Button magazine asked me to introduce Bellflower pattern in their August issue. What an honour! I am very flattered and can hardly believe they chose me. This goldened my days, surely.

Hope everything is ok with you in these days. Specially in America (and West-Europe) with so many infected and dead people, not talking about the protests these days. I promise I will keep going to add new posts, as often as I can. Here are some of my new designs.