Sidney beading pattern with carrier beads

 I know that many fantastic designs were made with carrier beads. I have them on my table for more than a 1 year, and each time I had an idea and checked it, someone already created it. It happens quite often when I buy a specific bead far too late, when they are taken into oblivion. But this is the challange part I really like. Even nowadays, I had some ideas with beads not freshly invented.

As always, pinterest was my saviour. I still like watching old, antique style jewelry. That is one of my favourite kill-times. Than I saw this awesome bracelet and I immediately knew what I was going to do with the two packs os carrier beads.

Though, it is a time-consuming piece, which I rarely do :-), I enjoyed every minute of it. Hope you will like it, too. I named it after Sidney Opera House, simply Sidney, for reminding me of the outlook of it. This year we wanted to visit Australia, but as many plans this year, this plan also vanished due to Covid.