Zoe beading pattern with Eva and IrisDuo beads

I got sick and was forced to stay inside for a few days :-( I did not want to do anything, I did the necessary things only I could not avoid as a mother and wife.
After a few days I really missed the beads and doing something other than coughing and lying in bed. Normally I like waisting my time with hanging on Pinterest and watching other people's work and getting inspiration for Christmas deco. But even that did not bother me at all.
Suddenly I had an idea and had to sit at my bead table. It was a quick thing to create Zoe, worked the idea immediately. I named it after my niece who had her 13th birthday on 8th of December when I started to make illustration.
This element looks great and honestly I am very happy with it :-) It is variable, you can make a double bracelet of it or to join 4 elements into a big pendant. So many options.
Hope you will like it, too :-)