Swarovski Ceralun™ Ceramic Epoxy Clay and me

I found this video a few weeks ago. The video is very useful and shows how to use this clay. Watching the video, I found the process easy and fun. AND IT IS! I got excited (that is normal in my case when I saw a new material or technique) and I already had ideas in my head how I would use it. In the video the expert says you can use it on many surface so I ordered cuffs, crystals and the clay itself.


I prepared everything I need:
- some foil to work on to to dirt the table
- the clays
- the crystals
- a pair of gloves (I bought size S - seeing the lady in the film struggling with the oversized gloves :-)
- home made picker - I used the toothpick (as she suggested), and wax I found on my night table - I use wax earplugs (not hear my husband's snore at night), so I took a small piece of an original pack. It worked great!

So I started to use it as it was described in the tutorial. There are two parts of this clay in the package that you have to mix using exactly 50-50 % of each type of material. Easy job. I created small balls of it and put them on the surface of my cuff. Then gently started to decorate the small balls with crystals. The picker worked fantastic, for that tip I was very grateful. I created a beautiful bracelet - at least I was satisfied with.

I put it away for 24 hours to let it dry. The next day I checked it and was very disappointed. My cuff fell apart, all the small parts fell off from the cuff as soon as I put it on my hand and pressed the cuff a little more tighter on my wrist:-(
So finally I had to glew it back. So it is obviously not good for this kind of usage. I will try it on leather and also bought a proper pendant holder (using for resin) to try it out again.
I will keep you informed.