History of Beads

I remember, when I first saw Czech beads as a kid. Like Audrey Tautou in one of my favorite films: „Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”, when she put her hands into stones, I liked, exactly the same way, to put my hands into the bags full of beads. My favorite color combo was the white-blue striped bead. I had no idea how to bead, but I collected them for their colors. I sew a few of them on clothes I designed for my dolls.
Since I have been beading I am even more mesmerized by the beads, the different colors, the shapes, the cut as the sun reflects on them, and of course by the many finished jewelry designs made by  beaders. I love beads, and I found the history very intriguing I decided to tribute a full article to them.
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