How to make beading patterns - tips for beginners

I know many of you faced the problems how to make nice patterns. Well, I know some tricks and have some experience I want to share with you.

How to make peyote / square stitch patterns?

There is a great software you can use. It has nice colors and easy to use. It is free and you will find it here:

There is a great video tutorial on FMG site.
You can also print blank graph paper if you want color the paper a traditional way.

You will find printable graph papers here, too, for different projects or techniques.

Miyuki also created a great option to upload your photo to make a bead patterns with matching color scheme.

I have made my own photo. The more column you add the more colors you can use, and finally the better picture it comes up. When you find everything ok, the app asks for your mail address and will send you a direct link to your finished project.
Look what I have done for myself :-)

For more professional way:

I use a simple method to make patterns.
I write my texts and upload my illustrations I made in inkscape (about this later) in Word.
It looks like this:

When it is finished, texts are checked I create a pdf file of it.

How to make illustrations?

You might have some options. First you can use a newly created app, called BeadApp featured by PotomacBeads. There are many beads already added and has great color scheme. The team continously work on developing. You have to pay for it, either a monthly or yearly payment. Currently is available only for mobile.
There are tutorials on Youtube. You can learn to use it quickly.


If you have time and you want to learn an even more professional way you have to learn how to draw in vector programs. I use inkscape, and honestly it took lots of time to learn it, but I love it. I also use for marketing purposes to make covers for posts.
Inkscape has a free version, a perfect solution for making illustrations.
I found a short tutorial here that shows the first steps.

There are dozens of inkscape tutorials on youtube. Whenever I have time I watch short ones and try to implement the knowledge. Surely there are other vector drawing programs (Adobe and so on). Most of them has free versions to try yourself out. You might buy a professional version later of you tried them out and you are satisfied with them.

Hope this short article helped you. If you have any question, just let me know :-)