What type of thread to use?

I think it is always a question for beginners, but many times even for those who bead for many years. Great products appear on market constantly, and we, beaders also like changing techniques and trying out new things. Many times working with different sizes of beads needs different threads.
Just to make it summarize herewith I collected some important information:

  • NYLON: When knotting or using heavy beads (not seed beads) I always use nylon. Nylon is a synthetic fiber, it does not stretch or fray. My favourite brand is Fireline, but sometimes I find great options in fishing shops (usually not cheaper). Nylon gives a nice hold for a design. There are different sizes and colors. I usually use smoke grey color for darker beads and use crystals for lighter designs.
I usually use 0,20 for really heavy beads with bigger holes, and I use quite often 0,10 or 0,12 for every day usage even for seed beads. I am really fond of fireline, maybe the most used thread type. I am also happy of the fact that Swarovski bicone beads do not cut it!

  • NYMO: this is something you should not miss from your storage. It also comes in various sizes and colors. Most often beaders use smaller rolls for portability.
My favorite beading thread is Miyuki Nylon Beading thread B 0,25 mm. They are of very high quality and the produce them in beautiful colors. Since it is expensive I am thinking always twice before ordering. I usually keep black, silver, gold, cream, blue and one red color. Honestly, I never find a thread that is so great to work with. Since I am making patterns I found this a great product, the only  thread with which it was possible to go back through seeds many times. So when I make mistakes or I do not like what I have done it was easy to go back without the thread breaking.

I also tried (not any more) C-LON AA, a cheaper version, but I did not like it that much for the same reasons above I like Miyuki thread so much.
I saw Ko thread and Sonoko Nozue beading threads on the market, but I have no any experience with them. I have the feeling that in many countries different nymo threads are available. My advice is to try a few of them to see how you like them and choose one type of different colors later.

Other beading threads:
  • Silk: silk cord/thread is mainly used for pearls. This is a better quality than nylon, however, it frays easily. It comes in many colors and sizes.
  • Embroidery threads: mainly used for embroidering. Strong and easy to work with. You need needle of bigger holes  for them.
  • Metal threads: I do not have big experience with metal work, though some of friends use them for wire jewelry. All I know that there are different sizes and different material. My friends used silver wires they treated it, some of the designs looks so beautiful. Of course the quality means a lot, and you surely need a good and strong hand for it.
  • Waxed Linen Cord: It is often used for macramé. Once I made such a design for a dear friend, I loved making it. Macramé is easier than you think.
  • Leather cords: Designers use it for heavy beads and big semiprecious stones. There are different sizes, from 1-3 mm and many many beautiful colors, even metal effect ones. I often use them to finish some designs, because I like its mat color that perfectly matches with crystals.
  • Monofilament: that is a cheap thread to make cheap and quick bracelets. Honestly I used it when played with my daughter and made gifts to friends. Also used in cheap mass product jewels coming from Asia.

This is a great video from Potomac Beads Company:

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